Until I Go Blind

J Blissette






Simulating a mumblecore score from the 1990s, the first song on Until I Go Blind, “Champagne Airplane” is a “cocaine and convertibles” title theme, according to Jackson, that initiates the chase that is pursuing art. Jackson comments: “I’ve watched a lot of my artistically inclined peers move away from the pursuit of that fantasy artist life we all wanted when we were 16.” Until I Go Blind is a trip through and testament of the maze that is young adolescence – hitting it’s a-ha moment around “Drunk in the Park” – and it breaks through with an energy that will either have you jumping on your bed or cruising around town with the top down.
Made up of Ramones-influenced rhythm tracks with an exhilarating intensity, Until I Go Blind remembers the seeds of rock and roll, replants them, and garners them with humour, self-awareness, and a lightness of being that is shatteringly honest.