This Is Not How I Wanted To Spend My Twenties

Induced Labour





This release is out of print

Pleasence Records and Not Unlike are proud to present the final show of the late, great Induced Labour on DVD.
Recorded in the summer of 2011 by Jarod Gibson (Not Unlike, Odonis Odonis, Thighs), Brendan Howlett (Thighs) and Erik Jude (Buzz Records, Hussy) at a Portuguese bar for the release of Gilded Flowers by The Pink Noise, and features most of the bands songs.
A ferocious performance that captures all of the noise-punk chaos that they were known for.
Shot right in the middle of all the action, you can almost smell the sweat, beer, and blood. Intimate insanity.

Featuring Brian Seeger (Pon De Replay) on guitar.

Produced By Brendan Howlett and Jarod Gibson.

Special thanks to Kevin Hainey.

Edition of 50.