Thank You For Stickin' With Twig

Slim Twig






Pleasence is pleased to be offering the cassette edition of Slim Twig's Thank You For Stickin' With Twig, on DFA Records.

TYFSWT is musically an evolution from his previous release, A Hound at the Hem (originally released on Pleasence, reissued on DFA), but this time is an altogether more weeded, wah-wah drenched affair. This grimy glam-rock is Twig's most realized work so far, displaying his wide range of influences, taking a bold step forward into hazy atmospheres that display his composition and production skills.

From the DFA website: "Thank You For Stickin’ With Twig is to date the most sonically immersive album in Twig’s discography. Where some records have focused explicitly on sample-based songwriting, while others have been completely live-recorded, the new album arrives at a perfectly produced fusion of fidelities. It hovers, glamorously caught between a cloud of obscurant, half-speed tape hiss, and the most stoned Jeff Lynne production you’ve ever heard. Twig flirts here with a variety of vibes, most often opting for a three dimensional approach whereby a warped tape aura is overlaid with colourful, laser-cut keyboard and guitar melodies. A fetishization of analogue texture is married to a digital approach. All the while, we find Twig irreverently raiding classic rock of its symbolism, sexuality, and social ambition for ulterior subversions. In this respect, TYFSWT's closest cousin may be Royal Trux's Accelerator. "