No Knot Of Tubes (Superhexen)

Kapali Carsi






Kevin Hainey invoked this experimental solo project without instruments, only a mic, and slowly let it grow from there. Over time, Kapali Carsi has developed a strange similarity to the original Amon Düül, in that 11 of its' 13 releases to date are compiled from the initial sessions and experiments which founded the project during 2005-06. Only the highly limited 2009 “Fuck Roast” EP and the recent double album “Feverish Tears of Our Ancients” (both on Hainey's prolific Inyrdisk micro-label) were recorded apart from the rest.

The last of four Kapali releases dropped in October 2012 by as many labels, this cassette holds the final chapter to Kapali's 11-part inception, but by no means does it feature the least dynamic of the extensive recordings; rather, Superhexen is the closest thing to a “rock” album in the project's discography. Containing a piece for amplified gong, another for deconstructed bass guitar, and a final “Riffigy” for self-accompanied bass guitar, this transparent red tape (wrapped in one of Hainey's inimitable hand-made collages) will have you howling at the moon with desire and waving a gun around in no time, which is really what you should be doing, instead of trolling the internet for new underground sounds. But if that's what you're into, you've come to the right place.

Red cassette.
Art by Kevin Hainey.
Edition of 100.