Odonis Odonis





This release is out of print

“…Hollandaze offers a surprisingly eclectic set of tunes heavily indebted to noise-addled grunge precursors Big Black, Jesus Lizard and Tad. What could have come across as pure mimicry, and would have probably still done well given our collective thirst for rehashing the past, is more homage, the musical blender yielding some impressive results.” exclaim.ca

Here it is: in conjunction with the good people at Daps Records and Buzz Records, we are proud to present the vinyl release of the debut album by Odonis Odonis.

Recorded by Dean Tzenos in Vancouver with Colin Stewart of Black Mountain, the now Toronto based band had expanded to included Denholm Whale and Jarod Gibson.

Call it “surf-gaze”, call it “industrial-goth-psych”, or, just call it a heavy trip. This a glistening gem of pipe-line guitars a rich quilts of fuzz.

Released in conjunction with Daps Records and Buzz Records.

White 12” vinyl.

Edition of 300.