Hobo Cubes/TAIWAN Split 12"

TAIWAN and Hobo Cubes



12" Vinyl



Two sides of dark, cinema inspired ambiance on this split 12" by a couple of Canada's most atmospheric composers. The music here moves like a soundtrack for an imaginary movie, slow and sinister, snaking piano and sax around hauntingly ethereal sounds; making the kinds of connections between jazz and electronics that are usually left to dreams.

TAIWAN re-imagines Angelo Babalamenti’s scores of David Lynch’s dark fantasies, embracing these demonic resonances like waking up in a new body that’s been switched on you in the night and reinventing the old persona.

Hobo Cubes’ side sounds like something found in the film work of Tangerine Dream (see William Friedkin’s Sorcerer) reconsidered with sparse saxophone and percussion. In these smoky environments, lounge lizards rest their scaly green heads in the laps of painted ladies who twist knobs on antique modulators.

Mastered by Brandon Hocura at Polyphasic Studios.

Edition of 300