Man Made Hill






Toronto underground electronic legend Man Made Hill announces his 20th release, a sensual, hypnagogic pop art pastiche that is straddling the New Year. FINGERTIP takes a sonic nod from vapourcravers James Ferraro and Ariel Pink but intimates a more entropic quality, mirroring a media saturation only found on the deep web.

“I think of it as some kind of Mutant Smorgasbord,” comments Randall Gagne, the mutant head behind Man Made Hill. 1980s synthesizers foster Saturday morning cartoon anthems of the generation, Gagne’s cyberpunk vocals bring the album into the present, a Bitches Brew fit for postmodernity. While this vein of post-Internet song has a tendency to broadcast visions of dystopia, Man Made Hill’s witty lyrics cultivate a sense of community through humour.

And FINGERTIP is a hilariously human work of art. Gagne explains: “I wanted these songs to feel physical in every way, and to show how music unfolds from the fingertip into all sensual centres.” Man Made Hill dusts off decaying mediums, adds a polish of sincerity and packages them with a ribbon of irony that is absurdist, buoyant, and so danceable. “I wanted my songs to function as links to raw, concrete experience that can be held and kept, and integrated into your own personal history. Plus Total Attitude!”