Crosss/Astral Gunk split 7"

Astral Gunk






This 7" pairs two sides of heady bangers that draws on proto-metal, garage-punk, and psych-rock.

Recorded at the same time as their Obsidian Specter LP on Telephone Explosion Records, Crosss' "Spectre" is the closing credits to a film where druids summon angry spirits in an abandoned farm house on the edge of a deserted town.

Somewhere in Sackville, New Brunswick (where someone has slipped something into the water) there is a shaggy kill-cult of young men living on an asparagus farm. A few years ago they kidnapped Garage Rock and held it captive in their basement, forcing it to try their home made drugs and recording the effects. Once freed, Garage Rock reported how quickly Stockholm Syndrome had set in, and how even without the drugs it found itself falling for its captures strange ways. It grew to miss the nightly goat sacrifice and constant viewings of Holy Mountain. Now, late at night, when Garage Rock’s head is haunted with its usual self-loathing thoughts about how shitty it can be—how predictable it has become, it calms itself by thinking about the men of Astral Gunk making it warm milk mixed with NyQuil and singing Soupcans’ songs to put it to sleep, dreaming dreams of the Stooges (circa Fun House) on Mars, smashing Back From The Grave records on the red rocks.

Mastered by James Plotkin.

Art by Joel French.

First edition of 200.