Butcher's Coin







Immediately upon finishing the European tour in support of their second EP, Speak in Tongues, Shawn Tucker and Sean-Patrick Nolan of TRAITRS began to think about how they wanted Butcher’s Coin, their first full-length album, to sound. “We’d talk for hours about certain albums that give you goosebumps, chills, a feeling inside that can’t be explained and we wanted to attempt that,” says singer/guitarist Tucker.
Seeking inspiration, the duo began to turn away from their classic Goth and post-punk influences and began experimenting with a more electronic sound. “While writing and recording demos I was listening to a lot of experimental electronic artists,” says keyboardist Nolan. “Tim Hecker, Ben Frost, Prurient and Pharmakon were where the inspiration initially came from.” With this in mind, they returned to Candle Recordings to work with producer and collaborator Josh Korody (Beliefs, Fucked Up, Greys, Weaves) to begin realizing the concept.
The result is a dark, mournful album that while still sounding like the bands early influences (The Cure, Sisters of Mercy) has a more industrial edge to it and surprising cinematic influences. “The concept is that the songs represent an old torturous house and the different hurt filled lives that lived through it for generations, like a collection of loosely connected horror stories. But as the writing progressed the album took a life of its own and became much more like John Carpenter's In The Mouth of Madness where it played on your darkest emotions and what started as fiction soon the feelings became reality. “
Butcher’s Coin is out May 18th on Pleasence Records, Manic Depression, and Alchera Visions.