3D in 3D

Gay and Sexy Merlin






This collaboration between two of Pleasence Records’ best offers you the new soundtrack to summer. Inspired by the 12” dance singles of yore - side A brings “Asbestos”, a extended disco-coloured jam featuring the duel drumming of Gay’s Tom Avis, and Sexy Merlin; the pounding bass and soaring vocals of Neil Rankin; scratchy twin guitar hustle courtesy of Paul Erlichman and Cameron Michael Murray. On the B side Avis steps up to wail on “Cool Island Feel”, a power-pop ballad reminiscent of the Modern Lovers more manic moments; bookended by two of Sexy Merlin’s phased-out tribal funks, “Brothers” and “Sisters”.

Recorded By Young Guv.

Edition of 200.

Clear blue vinyl.

Digital download included.