Pleasence 5 Year Anniversary Show!


Come out and see Pleasence alumni and current bands!

Odonis Odonis


New Fries

Blonde Elvis

October 16th at Smiling Buddha
961 College St., Toronto.

Aidan Baker on tour.


Catch him playing material from his Pleasence release, The Confessional Tapes.

15.09 - Freakout Club, Bologna - w/ Uochi Toki

16.09 - Via Mazzini 66, Ravenna

17.09 - available!

18.09 - Altroquando, Zero Branco

19.09 - Stay At Home Festival, Bagnaria (Udine)

20.09 - Nerodiseppia (afternoon/acoustic) & Spazio Aereo (evening/electic), Venice

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